Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week- Joe Fresh

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On day three, Joe Fresh showcased an Asian-inspired collection with a wide variety of designs. From denim to leather, from silk to lace, and from floral to prints, although every outfit is meant to be functional and for every day people, the collection still maintains the mix of ultra-feminine fashions with street edgy styles. Navy Blue, my all time favourite, was the dominated colour throughout the collection.

星 期二快乐!在第三天,Joe Fresh展出了它富有亚洲文化味道的春夏系列。从丹宁到皮布,从丝绸到蕾丝,从碎花到纹路,尽管它的服饰意在为普通人准备,但却不失了时尚和艺术之感。 深海军蓝可以说是贯穿了整个系列的核心颜色:上衣,短裤,连身裤,甚至英伦外套等等,简直令我目不暇接,爱不释手。

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Photography: Stephen Foks

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