Friday, May 30, 2014

Yellow Power

Hi all,

Happy Friday! Yeah, you made it! :))

I initially wanted to create a monochromatic look with my Club Monaco yellow shirt, Forever 21 sweater, and Zara skirt. It was all well planned...until the temperature dropped yesterday.  I couldn't stand bare legs with my mini skirt anymore. When things like this happen, my versatile boyfriend jeans always comes in handy. So no mono-look for this time, please stay tuned for the next one.

本来呢,我是想穿我Club Monaco的黄色上衣,Forever21的针线毛衣和Zara的小短裙来打造一身一色系着装的。结果,天不作美,昨天突然降温,根本没办法穿我的小短裙了。每当这种时候,我的百搭牛仔裤总是能派上用场。好吧,这次没办法展现一身一色系的着装了,下次咯!

Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, A-J-Morgan-sun-glasses
Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, street-style-fashion-blogger
Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, Hollister-Boy-Friend-Jeans
Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, A-J-Morgan-sun-glasses
Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, Rings, Accessories

Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, BCBGernation-statement-necklace
Forever-21-Pullover-Sweater, Club-Monaco-Yellow-Shirt, Hollister-Jeans
Le-Chateau-Blue-Pumps, ChicWish-Celine-like-bag

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend! :))


Photography: Stephen Foks

Shirt: Club Monaco (old, similar here)
Pullover: Forever 21 (old, similar here)
Jeans: Hollister (get it here)
Necklace: BCBGeneration
Shoes: Le Chateau (old, similar here | here)
Bag: ChicWish (on sale here)
Rings: J.Crew and Forever 21
Sunnies: A.J. Morgan
Nail Polish: Revlon ColorStay (Wild Card)
Lipstick: M.A.C. (Chatter Box A43)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lace Lust

Hi all,

I'd like to say a quick hello to you all and hope you will have a great week ahead. :)


Floppy-Hat, A-J-Morgan-Sun-glasses, Snake-skin-Print-Blouse, Black-Lace-Shorts
purple-pink-lipstick, statement-necklace, snake-skin-print-blouse
Floppy-Hat, A-J-Morgan-Sun-glasses, Snake-skin-Print-Blouse
Valentino-like-rock-stud-pumps, expression-shoes, hudsons-bay
Floppy-Hat, A-J-Morgan-Sun-glasses, Snake-skin-Print-Blouse, Black-Lace-Shorts
Floppy-Hat, A-J-Morgan-Sun-glasses, Snake-skin-Print-Blouse, Black-Lace-Shorts

Floppy-Hat, A-J-Morgan-Sun-glasses, Snake-skin-Print-Blouse, Black-Lace-Shorts

Hope you enjoyed this romantic look with a slight edge that I put together today! Thanks for stopping by!


Photography: Stephen Foks

Blouse: Old Navy (old, similar here)
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (current, similar here | here, also love this colour)
Hat: American Eagle (old, identical here, similar here)
Necklace: Club Monaco
Shoes: Expression via the Hudson's Bay (similar here | here)
Bag: Winners
Sunnies: A.J. Morgans

Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Dress For Music Festival

Hi all,

It feels summer is getting closer and closer. You know what does that mean? It means Music Festival season is just around the corner!! Yeah! 

Today I'd like to share some tips with you on how to dress for music festivals. :)


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

1. Wear Something Sheer and Comfortable
The temperature could get very hot during music festivals, and with the sticky and humid weather, it is better to wear something light and breathable.


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes
Shoes for sure are playing a key factor when dressing up for summer music festivals. You want to feel comfortable yet look stylish. Pumps are not recommended (I learnt my lesson through the hard way). Flats are making its come-back on the runway this season, so hey, why not take advantage of that. If you'd like to have some lifting, then a chunky pair of heels can also do. 


music-festival-look, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

3. Put on a hat
Hat is not only one of the most incredible accessories that can add more character or statement to an outfit, but also would be able to protect you from the brutal sun.

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

4. Bring A Light-weight Jacket/Coat
Although it’s very hot and sticky during the day, it could also get a little chilly at night. So preparing yourself for that chilly and windy night will be a good idea. When don't need it, you can just tie it around your neck- it not only looks stylish and effortless chic, but also could prepare you to make the perfect transition from day to night. (Trust me, it will come in handy!)


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

5. Easy On Accessories
When attending those outdoor concerts and festivals, I usually choose to go easy on accessories. I would definitely leave my statement necklaces, rings, bracelets and such at home because I'd like to be as comfortable as possible considering the fact that I might be standing, jumping around and walking for a full day.

5。 减少首饰

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

Hope some of these tips are helpful. If you have any suggestions or experience (good or bad) that you'd like to share, I would be more than happy to hear them. :))

Have a great Music Festival season!

Photography: Stephen Foks

Shirt: Old navy (old, similar here | here here)
Skirt: Costa Blanca (old, similar here | here)
Chiffon Trench: Oak& Fort (old, similar here | here, last seen here)
Shoes: Call It Spring (similar here | here)
Hat: H&M
Bag: Zara  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

School Girl

Hi all, 

Happy Tuesday! For us movie lovers who live in Toronto, Tuesdays are definitely something to celebrate because movie tickets are almost half price in theatres!! Mr. S and I are going to watch Godzilla tonight! Have you seen the latest version yet? Any good? 

Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking
Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking

Why is this blog post named "School Girl"? Two reasons! First: This navy-and-white sailor-inspired top I'm wearing was actually my high school uniform (No, I'm not kidding!). The other day when I was going through some old stuff, I found this top at the very back of my closet. It surely brought up plenty of memories, good and bad. I figured why not try to restyle it and create something magical and fun. 

Second reason: We shot this set of photos at my old school- University of Toronto. I missed the feeling of going to school; listening to professors' stories and lectures; doing group projects with classmates; studying overnight at Robarts library before final exams. I missed the time period when all I had to worry about were my grades and what courses to take...Well, but just like many students, I was complaining about the stress and couldn't wait to get out that "fire zone"! Now, I miss the simplicity of school. I remember when I was still in school, not one person (not two, but countless people) have warmed me: "Enjoy your time at school right now. You will miss it!" 


Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking

Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, spring-outfit, colour-blocking
Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking
 JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking

Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, colour-blocking, note-book
 JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking, hiar-bow-tie
Hot-Pink-Skater-Skirt, JCrew-Red-Blazer, school-girl-look, spring-outfit, colour-blocking

Thank you very much for reading!

Photography: Stephen Foks

Top: High School Uniform (old, similar here) | here | here | also love this colour)
Blazer: J.Crew (current, similar here | here)
Skirt: J.Crew (old, similar here, also love this one)
Flats: Forever 21

Friday, May 16, 2014

Beauty Review- Anna Sui Loose Powder

Hi all,

Today, I'd like to share with you a classic star product that has captured thousands of fans' hearts- Anna Sui Loose Powder.

Although it may not be as popular in North America as in Asia, Anna Sui would always be one of the most important childhood highlights and memories of mine. When I was in high school, every girl wanted to own an Anna Sui product- from the beauty mirror, dolly girl perfume, lipsticks, foundations to eye shadows. 

Even though many of Anna Sui's products were on my shopping list, loose powder was always THE one that I truly desired to try. However, I couldn't afford it. Until last week, this Anna Sui dream was paused for few years. That childhood memory was awaked again when I saw Anna Sui's beauty counter at The Bay. Then, I pulled the trigger this time. 


anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products, cosmetics, purple-color-colour-shade
anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products, cosmetics, purple-color-colour-shade
anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products, cosmetics, purple-color-colour-shade
anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products, cosmetics, purple-color-colour-shade
The new and improved formula provides a double soft-focus effect with a well-moisturized finish which not only can offer a lighter touch, but also be able to get rid of that yellow-ish skin tone. One more thing I LOVE about is its signature scent which is magnificently refreshing and unique.  

anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products-review, blogger, asian
anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products-review, blogger, asian
anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products-review, blogger, asian

anna-sui-loose-powder,beauty-products-review, blogger, asian, before-and-after

Although this product is a little bit pricy ($48 CAD), I have to say it's totally worth it.  Now it's official- my Anna Sui obsession is back! 

(F.Y.I. If you are wondering why my cat Yoda is in the last picture, it's because he kept bugging me when I was taking this set of photos. So I figured to invite him to the photo shoot! He is totally a camera whore! Cheese...)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lace On Lace

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

With today's look, I played with two of the most classic fashion elements- black and white combo + lace on lace ensemble to embrace the long-awaited spring weather.

If you are following me on Instagram, you probably already knew the story behind this white lace shorts. Although it's a cute little piece, I have to admit that the vibe it brings out is too casual and playful, so how to transform it to a more adult appropriate look is definitely a challenge. It thus became the centre piece for me to play around with when putting this look together. While browsing through my closet, I found this lace top with a white collar and grabbed it without a second thought. But then, the look just got a little bit too predicable (a.k.a boring), so I decided to put on this sleeveless blazer I got from Zara last year which I have never gotten a chance to wear. Voila! The look instantly became completed and polished, and most importantly got rid of that beach feel and high school vibe. 

black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, shorts, street-style

对于今天的这身穿着呢,我选择了两个重要的时尚元素-黑配白+蕾丝搭蕾丝来迎接这个迟到的春天。 如果你们关注我Instagram的话,就会知道关于这条白色蕾丝小短裤背后的故事了。尽管这条短裤非常可爱,但我必须承认它确实看起来比较小女孩也过于随性,所以要想把它穿出一种气质感强的成熟风的话,还是需要在搭配上下一番功夫的。所以我就以这条裤子作为这次搭配的起点。当我在衣橱里发现了这件带白领的黑色蕾丝上衣时,我立马就看重眼了,觉得特别搭。但是感觉整身看起来缺乏新意感,创意度不够高。我于是决定把这件白色的马甲试西装穿上来看看。结果,整个味道立刻焕然一新,更加具有立体感,同时,也摆脱了那种孩子气和高中生的感觉。

black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, street-style

black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, shorts, street-styleCall-it-spring-shoes, pink-pumps-with-bows

black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, shorts, street-style

black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, shorts, street-style
black-and-white-spring-look, lace-on-lace, white-collar-top, shorts, street-style

lace-on-lace-spring-look, black-and-white, zara-sleeveless-blazer, lace-top-with-collar
Thank you so much for reading! Talk soon! :)

Top: Haight & Ashbury (old, similar here | here | here | here)
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (current, similar here | here)
Blazer: Zara (old, similar here)
Shoes: Call It Spring (current, similar here)
Sunnies: BCBGeneration

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blogger Fashion Week with Trend Trunk

Hi all,
How's your week going? 

Have you heard about the 2nd Blogger Fashion Week hosting by Trend Trunk? If you haven't, I highly suggest you to check it out. From May 8th to 11th, you can shop your favourite bloggers' closets directly online (mine included :p). Almost 100 fashion and beauty bloggers are participating in this fashion week, so I'm sure you would find something you like.

  And as one of the sponsors, Milestone's is giving away $50 dollars gift card EACH Day! All you need to do is "click" the VOTE button to vote for me either through Twitter or Facebook on My Page. Of course, you not only can be a buyer on Trend Trunk, but also a seller too. We all have those pre-loved pieces that we are no longer in love with; that beautiful dress we got as a gift which unfortunately is not our style; that pair of shoes we love but never been worn once...The story goes on and on, but you can actually start making money from now. Anyway, enough talks from me. Good luck and have fun! :)) 

Shop-My-Closet, Blogger-Fashion-Week-Trend-Trunk

你们听说了最近由Trend Trunk举办的博主时尚周了嘛?如果没有的话,我强力推荐你去看看。从五月8号到11号,几乎有100名时尚和美容博主在网上卖他们的爱品(也包括我自己在内啦)。所以我相信你一定可以找到一些自己喜欢的东西。而且你不仅可以买,当然还可以成为卖家哦。我相信你们和我一样,会有那件我们曾经很爱但是现在却不太感冒的衣服,有那么一条朋友送的裙子却完全不是我们的风格,或者是那双我们打折时买的鞋子却不太合脚所以从来没穿过。别犹豫了啦,开始清理衣柜并挣钱吧。


Monday, May 5, 2014

Hudson Jeans Fall Preview

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend!

While spring is taking its sweet time to arrive, many brands are starting to showcase their fall and winter collections now.   Last week, Hudson Jeans held their fall preview at the beautiful Brassaii restaurant and lounge. Although I heard a lot about the place prior to this event, I had never been able to pay a visit. As soon as I walked in, I was immediately attracted by this unique loft space- high ceilings, industrial pipes and brick walls. My friends all know that I have a huge THING for LOFT. But since hudson jeans collection was very attention grabbing too, the space not only didn't steal the thunder but actually added more character to the preview.

当春天的脚步还如同乌龟跑步般缓慢进行时,许多品牌已经开始展示他们今年秋冬的设计了。美国洛杉矶高端牛仔品牌Hudson Jeans上个星期在一个颇有艺术气息的休闲式餐厅举办了他们秋季系列的预展。我之前就听很多朋友介绍过这家叫做Brassaii的餐厅风格非常独特,值得光顾,不过一直都没有机会去看看。所以这次一走进去,整个人就被里面的高挑开敞空间,工厂试设计所吸引。了解我的人都知道我对LOFT的情有独钟。不过还好,Hudson Jeans的整个秋季系列非常养眼,所以这个独特的空间不但没有抢去它的风头,反而还加分了。

Brassaii-restaurant-and lounge, king-street, patio, red-door

white-Coffee-mug, red-lipstick

hudson-jeans-logo, fashion-event, fall-winter-preview

hudson-jeans-fall-winter-preview-fashion-event, model-showcasing

There is definitely a wide variety of styles can be expected from its fall collection- from rock n' roll vibe with a sexy twist to classic flare with a playful touch. I have already added not one, not two, but three pieces onto my list (I know! Need to start saving up). As the quality is truly amazing, it's no surprise that the price range is fairly higher as well. One pair of jeans will cost you around $200. But I think it would be a great investment and versatile piece that can last you a long time. We all know that a perfect pair of jeans can be worn either as a casual piece for going to brunch with your girlfriends or as a statement piece for that hot date. 

不难发现,Hudson Jeans的秋季系列充满了各种各样的款式和设计-从摇滚性感风到经典淑女风-他们家可谓应有尽有。我看重了三条呢。(哎,我也知道啊,要开始攒钱了)。因为他们家牛仔裤的质量确实没话说,所以价格也就相应的要贵一些。一条裤子在200加元左右。确实不算便宜,但我觉得一条质量好的牛仔裤可以穿很久。而且吧,找到合适的话,一条裤子不仅可以穿去跟朋友们吃个中饭,还可以穿出性感的感觉来应付那个约会呢。
hudson-jeans, fall-winter-2014-collection, faux-snake-skin-jeans, fashion-event

hudson-jeans-fall-winter-preview-event, logo-label

hudson-jeans-fall-winter-preview-event, model-showcasing

hudson-jeans-2014-fall-winter-preview-fashion-event, model, zipper-details

hudson-jeans-fall-winter-2014-collection, campaign-photo

hudson-jeans-fall-winter-2014-collection, campaign-photo

If you can't bear with the long wait till this collection hits store in fall, you can also go check out their spring pieces right now. You never know. You might just end up finding that perfect pair you have been looking for. Good luck!