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Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you so much for taking your time to get to know me! I am Sasha Xiao (if you don’t know how to pronounce my last name, you really don’t have to worry about it! I’m very used to and fine with all kinds of pronunciation.)

Who is Sasha Xiao?

Well…this can be a philosophical, cultural, or sociological question that even myself is still trying to figure out. BUT, I do know some facts about me. So I will just share them below:

   1. I love Paris.

To be honest, I’ve never been to Paris and don’t know how to speak French (Bonjour and Merci are all I know). However, I’ve been in love with the city since I could remember. I love how people dress in Paris like it’s no one else’s business; I love how the caf├ęs, boutiques, and even street signs could reflect its cultural so perfectly; and of course, I love the fashion sense, creativity, and romance that Parisians stand for… True, I’ve never been part of it and thus all my impressions are just from books and movies, but I can’t wait for that day when I am walking on a street in Paris and having my own take on the city.

2. I love Lace.

Not sure if I got the influence from my mother, I'm a softer when it comes to lace.  From a lace dress, to a lace tablecloth, anything that has a lace detail would catch my eyes and win my heart right away.

3. I am an “On Sale” Shopper

Although I love fashion and shopping, I do have a limited budget to shop each month. So I am a girl who would walk straight to the back of the store where all the on sale items are. When finding an extremely good deal, the sense of achievement is just so precious and indescribable. My boyfriend is very used to me finding a good deal now. So our conversation regarding this matter has changed dramatically:
Me: “Guess how much I bought this skirt for?”
Me:”haha, it was originally $100, and then 50% off. And on top of that, 25% off. So I got it for only $25.”
He: “Really?? Good find!!”
Me: “Guess how much is it?”
He: “$20?”
Me: “20? How could you get a dress like this for $20??” (I got very offended)
He: “Then how much did you get it for?”
Me: “$22”
He: “……”
But don’t get me wrong, I do believe buying some investment pieces are very necessary, for example, a well-tailored coat, a statement purse, a pair of comfortable boots and so forth.

4. I am a story-teller

When I was as little as 10, I knew I wanted to tell stories in front of a camera, so I have participated in plenty of story-telling competitions when I was young. Of course, I wasn’t sure about the exact job field I’d like to get into eventually, but I knew it would be involved with story telling. So I went to J-school, then became a Broadcast News Reporter, and then, a Fashion blogger. I believe whether it’s News Reporting or Fashion Blogging, the ability to tell stories and connect with your audiences or readers is very crucial.

5. I love cats and Dogs. The more ugly, the cuter!

I love animals. I have had dog, cat, hamster, and even a hedgehog as pets. But the ones who would really win my “AWWW” are those very ugly creatures. I have an exotic short hair cat and been always wanting to get a bull dog. My friend would always say to me about my cat Yoda: “What happened to his face? Why did you get such an ugly cat?? Why?Why?Why?” Well, their ugly faces always lighten up my day. The silly and goofy look is just so cute to me.

6. I am a Coffee Addict

I have to, or at least would love to, have a cup of hot coffee in the morning to kick off my day. One night I said to my boyfriend: “I can’t wait till the morning so I can have my coffee.” He was half serious and half joking: “You need help! You are an addict!”

7. I spend a big chunk of time in Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are like my living room or office where I could stay for a whole day browsing internet or reading a book. Having a cup of coffee (again, I love coffee), listening to light music or Jazz, and watching people walking by (I know, it does sound a little bit creepy) are simply the relaxing things to do on a Saturday morning.

8. I am a Magazine collector

I have always been a visual person, so to me, appreciating beautiful pictures and layouts is more preferable than reading a black-and-white book. My mother would encourage me to read books when I was young but always ended up catching me failing asleep on those books and drooling. LOL Shhh…..However, reading text books would be a different story though (I’m very good at scanning and picking up important information).

9. I love to wear skirts in all seasons
I love wearing skirts even when it’s minus 50 degree outside (of course with tights underneath and boots on top), I just love pieces that are very feminine and girly.

10. I am a Christ follower

As simple as that.

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to hear about you and your story as well. 

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