Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Fashion- Expanding your Wardrobe with Guys' Cloths

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter! Hope you all are a having a wonderful time with your family, friends, or significant other. :)

Mr. S and I went to the zoo yesterday. We were so excited as we hadn't gone to a zoo for a really long time. Zoo sometimes is a sad place that full of depressed intelligent animals, but sometimes it's a place where you can be a kid again. :)

I believe every girl has tried her mom's over size high heels or big long dresses when she was little. Is that right?
BUT, have you ever thought of sneaking in your boyfriend's, brother's, or even dad's closet to find something to wear? :p
The light brown sweater I am wearing today is one of the pieces that I stole from my boyfriend's closet. Shhh....
In order to have a more polished look, I rolled the sleeves up, tucked the bottom in, and threw a belt on. Can you tell it is actually not mine?

Fashion is about fun and creativity. So why don't you "steal" some pieces from a guy's closet to expand your wardrobe :)

Thank you so much for reading!

Please check out the Video that I just did to find more pairings with guys' cloths:

Guy's Sweater: Club Monaco
Leopard skirt: Club Monaco
Statement necklace: Club Monaco
Belt: Zara
Leather lace collar shirt: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Pumps: Ecco
Bag: Winners

Spring Pairing: 4 ways to wear guys' cloths

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :)

I believe every girl has tired her mom's over-sized high heels or long dresses when she was little. BUT, have you ever sneaked in your boyfriend's, brother's, or even dad's closet to find some stuff to wear? Sounds crazy? Not really... :)

Today, I will be showing you how to pair guys' cloths. 

Outfit One:
Baggy black sweater: Loft 82
Black pants: H&M
Minty statement necklace: J-crew
Minty watch-like bracelet: BCBGeneration
Shoes: Rosegold

Outfit Two:
Denim shirt: H&M
Belt: Aritzia

Outfit Three:
Earrings: Forever 21
Belt: Zara
Leather lace collar shirt: Forever 21
Leopard skirt: Club Monaco
Shoes: Forever 21

Outfit Four:
Maxi dress: Urban Outfitters

Thank you so much for watching!

Turn your fashion into satisfaction:)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Spring Fashion Haul

Happy long weekend everyone! Spring is in the air and you know what that means; the winter fashion is out and the spring trends are in. Check out my fashion haul from Forever 21, H&M, Club Monaco, and BCBG and see how you can spring forward with fashion this season!

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any dashing ideas for this spring ;)

And remember, Turn your Fashion into Satisfaction!

Sasha xox

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Business Casual

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

While some of my friends in LA are already wearing shorts and T-shirts, I still have to hide underneath my winter coats. Although spring is already here, many roads are still covered by snow in Calgary. I’m so envious of those cities where people can fully taste the spring and enjoy the fresh and green atmosphere that this season has to offer. BUT, this also means I have more time to enjoy layering. :)

The outfit I’m sharing with you today is a daring casual business look. And just between you and me, Mint is in trend this season. Shh lets keep it our little secret. Now for my outfit, I paired a light-coloured sweater on top of a denim shirt along with a tweed skirt to give it a heavier and more professional look. The pair of Chloe heels are my big love. Chunky heels not only just add a decorous feel to the look, but also make your running-around in the office much easier. If you are a student, pairing this outfit with your sneakers can look very chic and cute too. :)

Thank you so much for reading. 

Denim shirt: H&M
Minty Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Anthropologie
Tweed skirt: Scotch and Soda
Winter Coat: Loft 82
Gold Chain Bracelet: J-crew
Chunky Heels: Chloe
Bag: A great found in a Vintage store