Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Street Style Blogs You Gotta Bookmark

With the concept of street fashion gone wild, many photographers have also dedicated themselves into this hot business. They would be spending a big chunk of time travelling on streets and city corners to capture fashionistas. However, this in-demand business has also attracted a lot of competition. Therefore, the standard of street wears have gone higher and so are the quality of photos. A recent article on Business of Fashion
had interestingly pointed out that the line between runway and street fashion has becoming finer and finer.  Street style is not about everyday people anymore, but more focuses on celebrities, super bloggers, and fashion editors who are wearing or carrying the newest collections from luxurious brands like Valentino, Celine and so on. What will be the future for street fashion? I'm not sure. But as a blogger and a regular girl myself, I do like to read street style blogs to get inspirations and styling ideas. So today, I'd like to share five street style blogs that i think you should bookmark right now.

随着街拍的流行形式越发强劲,越来越多摄影师也切身投入到这个炙手可热的商业机遇里。他们会花很多时间在大街小巷耐心等待并捕捉时尚达人。不过,这个需求量大,受欢迎度高的行业当然竞争也相当激烈。所以也就不难想象,对街拍达人的穿着和照片质量的要求也就被提高了。最近Business of Fashion 发布了一篇文章,讲到T台和街头时尚之间的距离已经变得越来越近。街头风已经不再展现真正时尚人士的穿衣风格,而是演变为过度关注于明星,有名博主,杂志编辑们和他们所穿着的品牌衣和携带的名牌包。街拍的未来是什么?我不知道。但是作为一个普通的博主女孩,我不得不承认我会经常在网上浏览街拍博客来寻找搭配灵感。所以今天呢,我就想跟大家分享5个你应该关注的街拍博客。

This is a Parisian street fashion blog that I recently discovered. Through the beautiful images on this blog, we truly get to see what effortless-chic or more-is-more really is.


This Korean street style blog has a really clean photography style and unique fashion taste, which is what makes it stand out from many asian street fashion sites. 


This blog is a very special one as it captures natural moments of fashionistas and every-day-people like mother and daughter, couples, etc. More importantly, it also has plenty of fashion features on particular topics such as The White Skirt and Dresses We Love, as well as  provides you with links to shop those looks.  


If you like Japanese fashion, this street style site will be a treat for you. It not only captures distinctive street styles from different cities, but also shares some information about the fashionistas. This allows you to get an idea about who they are and what they do. This little piece of information can truly help you better understand Japanese culture.


Lastly, I'd like to share a Toronto based street style blog with you. As a Torontonian myself, I can sense the fashion community here is growing very rapidly. We might still have a long way to go if we ever want to be another Pairs or New York, but the uniqueness brought by Canada's multiculturalism is really what making this city's fashion stand out. By showcasing real street styles, Toronto Verve is building an online fashion community by showcasing real people with real stories. 


I know there are countless amazing street style blogs are out there, so it was actually very hard for me to cut it down to five. But I will probably share more with you in the near future. Please let me know if you have a favourite street style blog that you think should be on this feature.


Friday, August 1, 2014

I Heart You

Goodbye July, hello August! 

Although both of these heart print blouse and midi-dress are from the same Joe Fresh collection, they are made of different fabrics. So I decide to layer these two pieces together to create an interesting onezie look. 


尽管这个心型图案的上衣和裙子都是来自Joe Fresh的同一个系列的,但是他们却采用了不同的面料, 所以我决定把这两件单品穿在一起来打造一个一体连身装的感觉。

Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress

Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress


Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress

Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress

Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress, Kate-Spade-Shoes

Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress

Heart-Print-Blouse, Joe-Fresh-Summer-Midi-Dress

Photography: Stephen Foks

Blouse: Joe Fresh (get it here, last seen here)
Dress: Joe Fresh (on sale right now)
Necklace: Expression via The Bay (get it here)
Shoes: Kate Spade (old, similar here)
Bag: A gift from a friend (similar here)