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Sasha's Satisfashion is a Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog in English and Chinese.

The reason for me to start this blog was quite simple. My friends and colleagues often asked me where I got my skirt, necklace, or whatnot. I decided to start a blog so I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. 

To me, fashion is about creativity and imagination, which can lead to self-satisfaction.  And that’s how we got the name of this blog.

How to turn your fashion into satisfaction? Well, to me, it's definitely not by buying the trendiest pieces just for the sake of it; not by starving yourself just to save up for the everyone-has-one designer piece; not by sacrificing your unique personality and voice to pleasure the so-called fashion world.

Fashion shouldn’t be something to show other people who you pretend to be; beauty shouldn’t be something only appearing on the outside; and lifestyle should be all about the inner peace and satisfaction that created by the self-appreciating, confidence-building, as well as the loving-and-giving improvement process.

Then what is a fashion-satisfaction moment? At least to me, should be when you see something you like but decide to wait for it to be on sale, and your patience eventually rewards you with a dramatic discount; when you dare to create a look that is slightly out of your comfort zone but you end up loving the fresh style you just achieved; when you get thousands of compliments on a piece you only spent 20 dollars on; when you find a local designer piece that is exactly your cup of tea; when you stand in front of your closet not knowing what to wear, you grab the old goodies and play mix and match to create a brand new look; when you develop your beauty from inside out instead of the opposite, when…

How do YOU turn YOUR fashion into satisfaction?

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