Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Dress For Music Festival

Hi all,

It feels summer is getting closer and closer. You know what does that mean? It means Music Festival season is just around the corner!! Yeah! 

Today I'd like to share some tips with you on how to dress for music festivals. :)


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

1. Wear Something Sheer and Comfortable
The temperature could get very hot during music festivals, and with the sticky and humid weather, it is better to wear something light and breathable.


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes
Shoes for sure are playing a key factor when dressing up for summer music festivals. You want to feel comfortable yet look stylish. Pumps are not recommended (I learnt my lesson through the hard way). Flats are making its come-back on the runway this season, so hey, why not take advantage of that. If you'd like to have some lifting, then a chunky pair of heels can also do. 


music-festival-look, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

3. Put on a hat
Hat is not only one of the most incredible accessories that can add more character or statement to an outfit, but also would be able to protect you from the brutal sun.

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

4. Bring A Light-weight Jacket/Coat
Although it’s very hot and sticky during the day, it could also get a little chilly at night. So preparing yourself for that chilly and windy night will be a good idea. When don't need it, you can just tie it around your neck- it not only looks stylish and effortless chic, but also could prepare you to make the perfect transition from day to night. (Trust me, it will come in handy!)


music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

5. Easy On Accessories
When attending those outdoor concerts and festivals, I usually choose to go easy on accessories. I would definitely leave my statement necklaces, rings, bracelets and such at home because I'd like to be as comfortable as possible considering the fact that I might be standing, jumping around and walking for a full day.

5。 减少首饰

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat

music-festival-look, fedora-hat, chiffon-trench-coat, burgundy-cross-body-bag

Hope some of these tips are helpful. If you have any suggestions or experience (good or bad) that you'd like to share, I would be more than happy to hear them. :))

Have a great Music Festival season!

Photography: Stephen Foks

Shirt: Old navy (old, similar here | here here)
Skirt: Costa Blanca (old, similar here | here)
Chiffon Trench: Oak& Fort (old, similar here | here, last seen here)
Shoes: Call It Spring (similar here | here)
Hat: H&M
Bag: Zara  

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