Monday, October 28, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week- Day 3

Hi everyone, 
Good Monday! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! In order to recover physically and emotionally from a super busy week, Mr.S and I stayed in our pyjamas for the whole Saturday, watching movies, eating chips, and having a cup of coffee. Hmm, best day ever! We did go to a friend's baby shower party on Sunday afternoon though. Thinking of a new life will come to this world soon is very exciting and joyful. :)

Okay, Let's get back to World MasterCard Fashion Week. If you missed 
Day 1 or Day 2, please don't hesitate to check them out. Since I had to work, I missed the runway shows of Christopher Bates, Klaxon Howl and Triarchy. However, the first show I attended on day 3 was already breath-taking and uniquely attractive. 


但愿大家的周末都过得不错! 为了在忙碌的一周后能尽快身心都恢复过来,我和S先生整个周六都待在了家里,穿着舒服的睡衣,看电影,吃薯片,喝咖啡,过得特别滋润。周日下午我们去了一个朋友的宝宝庆生会。一想到一个新生命马上就要降临世间,心里还是蛮开心的。


Canadian born, Milan trained designer, Matthew Gallagher pulled off a show that could take you to a garden wonderland in Italy without trying too hard. Elegant dresses with an European flavour, rich but not over-killing colours, and the wide variety yet consistent cut and design kept my attention from the beginning till the end. 

这个在加拿大出生,在意大利米兰深造的年轻人,Matthew Gallagher 呈现了一场异彩纷呈,充满意大利异国风情,韵味十足的展出。从他优雅端庄,具有欧式味道的长裙,到丰富却不张扬的色彩,再到各种各样却统一格调的裁剪和设计,使我从一开始到最后,看得目不转睛,欲罢不能。 哈哈

                                      Show Two-Mackage

After seeing Mackage's SS14 collection, all I could say was: "I want EVERY single jacket!!" From moto-jacket, to trench coat, to army-inspired jacket, every piece is unique and has a "Mackage" twist to it. Moreover, not only was the jackets made a big statement on the runway, do did the handbags. 

看完了他们明年春夏系列之后,我唯一想说的便是:“ 我想拥有每一件夹克!” 从机车皮夹克,到英伦大衣,再到具有军队服味道的外套,每一件都仿佛留下了这个品牌自己的足迹。还有啊,除了夹克在T台上大放异彩之外,所有的包也都不失光彩。

My Outfit: 

Wearing pyjamas and lingerie outdoor has been a big thing lately as it just naturally has that easy-breezy and effortless chic vibe with a feminine and sexy feel to it. I bought this black lingerie from Victoria Secret long time ago, and in order to save money, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Why spend more money to buy a new lingerie-like dress when I already have one? 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Photography: Stephen Foks

Top: Zara (Get it here)
Lingerie: Victoria Secret (similar here and here)
Skirt: Forever 21 (Get it here)
Burgundy Over-sized Coat: H&M (identical here)
Hat: Anthropologie (right here)
Shoes: Forever 21 (Old, also love this one)

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