Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week- Day 1

Hi everyone, 

How's your Wednesday going? We have survived two days of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Trust me, going to 7 shows(one after another) a day is very tiring and energy-killing, but at the same time, having a close taste of different shows and witnessing how much work and effort that designers, models, artists, volunteers and more people have put into a 20-minute show is unbelievably exciting and satisfying.



     Show One- Beaufille SS14 Collection

Beaufille 's SS14 collection has an edgy and rock' n' roll vibe with a feminine twist. Many cool accessories added more flavour to the outfit yet went very well with the freezy breezy effortless looks.

Beaufille 明年的春夏系列走一種帥氣的朋克風的路線,再加一點小女人的元素。還有,許多特別的首飾項鍊給服裝整體加入了一點調味料的同時,卻又不失去了隨意,不受約束的感覺。

     Show Two- Pink Tartan SS14 Collection

Pink Tartan is no stranger to girly yet sophisticated lady-looks. Not only solid white on white, black on black combos could be seen in the collection, but also many cute patterns and structural shapes as well. 

Pink Tartan的服飾一向都能打造出一種成熟女性,又不失清純少女羞澀的感覺。在它的2014年的春夏系列中,我們能看見許多純色調,比如白配白,黑配黑。 不過,也有許多很可愛的圖案搭配等。

     Show Three- David Dixon SS14 Collection

David Dixon's SS14 collection has won many applause that night with a variety of pieces and designs. From lace to silk, from party dress to office-lady look...the collection has definitely made me "WOW" from the start to the end of the show. Loved it! 

David Dixon 明年的春夏系列絕對在第一晚贏得了不少掌聲。整個系列非常多元化,也充滿了創意,從蕾絲到絲綢,從晚禮服到上班族套裝,我從頭到尾都在發出經驚喜的聲音。大愛!:)

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. Stay tuned for more to come!

Photography: Stephen Foks

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