Friday, November 1, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week- Day 4

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How did you spend your Halloween night? Did you dress up and go to a Halloween party? Did you help your children to get ready for trick-or-treat in the neighbourhood? Did you prepare a full basket of candies for the kids who showed up at your door? Or did you just stay home and watch a horror movie? Well, no matter what you did, I really hope you had fun. :) 

I can't believe its November already. Time does fly! 
Okie dokie, Let's take the time machine and go back to the Day 4 of 
World MasterCard Fashion Week.  If you haven't checked out Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 yet, well, all the highlights are just one click away. :)

你们昨晚是怎么度过万圣节的啊?有没有变装参加派对啊?有没有打扮你们的孩子,让他们出去要糖啊?是准备了一揽子的糖果给那些来要糖的孩子们吗?还是就待在家里看场恐怖片呢?不管你做了些什么啦,都希望你们玩得开心吧。 :)



Show One- SOIA & KYO

The Montreal-based label showcased a very airy, clean and fresh Spring/ Summer collection, with an embracement to minimalism. Many ultra-bright yet neutral colours, like baby blue, light green, cream and so forth, were seen on the runway. 

Show Two- Caitlin Power

Founded by Calgary born Caitlin Power, this label is now established in Toronto. In its 2014 Spring /Summer Collection, many unique pieces, from work suites to after-party dresses, caught my eyes and won my heart. Power had really played with stronger and darker colours in this collection, such as deep red, dark navy and more. Large-scale patterns and graphics were also the highlights of this collection. Watching the models walking on the runway, I was talking to myself: "Work cloths can be professional and fashionable at the same time. No need to sacrifice on or the other."

Caitlin Power由一个在卡尔加里出生,多伦多起家的同名设计师创立的品牌。它2014年的春夏系列有许多独特的单品,从上班族的制服到下班排队的礼服,都吸引了我的眼球并抓住了我的心。Power展现了许多比较深的颜色,像深红色,深军蓝色等。同时,一些大块的图案和花纹也是这个系列的主打。看到模特们在T台上走台步,我告诉自己:“上班穿的衣服也可以专业和性感双赢,不用取舍其一。”

Show Three- Rudsak

Rudsak has been known for its leather goods, and its 2014 SS collection didn't disappoint us. From leather jacket, to snakeskin-print vest, to double-colour trench coat, many pieces made me have the desire to grab right from the runway and take home with me. haha 
Although some pieces might be better for a colder weather, they didn't stop me from loving the collection. 


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! :)

Photography: Stephen Foks


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