Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GUESS Spring/Summer 2014 Preview

Hi all,

Happy Hump Day! YEAH, we are half way through the week. :)

Mr. S and I attended GUESS's SS14 preview at The Spoke Club on King street last night. Not only the wine and snakes were quite pleasant,  so were the cloths, bags, shoes and accessories. As always, Guess's SS14 collections will still be super sexy and feminine, but this time, will have a more edgy and vintage flavour to it. Many regular Spring/Summer trends, like floral, denim shorts, or bright shirt, will be found in the collection, while plenty of Fall/Winter trends, such as denim on denim, black on black...will still be carried on.

One more thing. Oh my, the shoes collection were very attention grabbing!! I couldn't keep my eyes away from those gorgeous pairs during the preview. They will definitely on my next coveting list. :)


星期三快乐!YEAH,这个星期终于过了一半。 :)

我和S先生昨晚参加了在King 街上的The Spoke Club 举行的GUESS 2014春夏服装发布会。当晚,不仅红酒和零食增加了气氛,还有那些衣服,包,鞋子和首饰,实在很令人开心啊。正如Guess一贯走的性感女人味路线,明年的春夏系列还是会充满了性感的味道,不过,却加入了更多帅气和复古的元素。许多春夏一般都会流行的元素,像是碎花,丹宁短裤,和亮色的衣服等,都会在这个系列里出现,不过,像一些今年秋冬流行的丹宁搭丹宁,黑配黑等,都会继续在GUESS的春夏系列里出现。


This red bag won my heart! It's a very cute yet practical piece that can easily be carried from day to night. :)

这个红色的小包拢获了我的心。它看起来很可爱,也很实用,可以从早上一直背到晚上。 :)

Thank you so much for reading!

Photography: Stephen Foks

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  1. great pics, the shoes are fab :)