Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Out

Hi everyone,

Good Monday! How did your weekend go? 

On our way to grab a hot chocolate on Saturday morning, Mr.S and I decided to snap few photos for the blog. However, the second we stepped out of the car, we were blasted with frigid wind accompanied by a late November chill. I thought to myself: "What was I thinking?? Why am I wearing a skirt??" During the shoot, I kept telling Mr.S: "Hurry up, please! I'm so cold... :(". You can really see this through my expressions in the photos lol.

Do you ever have that "what-was-I-thinking" moment? Would you sacrifice comfort for fashion? Well I certainly did!

在拍照的过程中,我不停地告诉S先生:“摆脱,快点。我好冷啊。。。” 所以如果在这篇博客里看到一些不同寻常的表情,请谅解哦!

White Top: Hollister (Old, similar herehere and here )
Lace Peplum: Aritzia (Old, similar here and here, also love this one)
Skirt: H&M (Get it here, similar here)
Leather Jacket: Zara (Old, simliar here)
Boots: Aldo (old, similar here and here)
Nail Polish: Uran Outfitters