Monday, March 10, 2014

Sarah Stevenson For Target Canada

After Peter Pilotto, Target strikes while iron is hot, is collaborating with another talented designer. But this time, the partnership is uniquely between Canadian emerging leader Sarah Stevenson and Target Canada.

Last Thursday, I was invited to take a peek at the collection before it officially launches across Canada on March 23rd. With a warm yet mysterious atmosphere created by some cute decoration and dark lightening, the space itself was already beautiful enough.  

在继英国高端品牌Peter Pilotto和塔吉特公司携手打造的系列才刚刚上市,塔吉特公司又趁热打铁,再次推出了另一个合作项目。而这次系列与众不同地是,是由加拿大著名新生代设计师Sarah Stevenson和塔吉特驻加拿大分公司的特别联手打造。上个星期四,我有幸被邀请到了他们的新装发布会,抢先看了一下这个即将于3月23号在加拿大上市的春夏系列。
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Preview, Collection, Fashion event

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Logo
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Fashion-Blogger, Event, PreviewSarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Runway, Fashion-event, Collection-Preview

Although due to the rush hour traffic we couldn’t make it on time and missed part of the runway show, fortunately we ended up not only catching the finale of the catwalk right on time and also getting to see each piece of the collection very closely. As you can see in these pictures, colours and prints are the two highlights of this collection, which is perfect for spring. :)

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Models, Fashion-event, Collection-Preview

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Ombre-Water-Colour-Blazer, Red-Pant
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Water-Colour-Blue-Tee, Spring-Collection

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Chiffon-Floral-Button-Up-Blouse, Spring-Collection
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Chiffon-Poppy-Border-Dress, Spring-Collection
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Water-Colour-Blue-Peplum-Dress, Spring
Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Spring-Blazer, Red-and-Black

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Models, Spring-Pieces, Fashion-event

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Spring-Collection, Blouse, Dress, Blazer

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Models, Fashion-event, Spring-Collection

Sarah-Stevenson-For-Target-Canada, Editors-Pick, Spring-Pieces
The collection is made up of 15 pieces including dresses, blouses, prints and statement blazers that range in price from $24.99 to $59.99. I personally think every single piece from this collection is very practical yet timeless and feminine, but if I HAVE TO pick my favourites, then I'd say these two
pieces with a laser-cut touch really caught my eyes and I'd definitely love to add them to my wardrobe.  

I'd like to hear your picks! Which one (or two, or three, or more) wins your heart? 



Photography: Stephen Foks

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