Friday, March 7, 2014

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Inspired: Black and White

This year's Oscars may be over, but the fashion inspiration from the red carpet continues its charm. Black and white was an uniform that many celebrities decided to go for- from Best Leading Actor winner Matthew McConaughey to television host Ryan Seacrest, this combo is for sure a save yet classic choice that would never go stale.

When I saw this on the red carpet, I immediately decided to create a business casual look with a personal twist.

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Looks, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired, Fashion-Blogger
(Image Source: New York Daily News)
2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Look, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired

Black and white is definitely one of my favourite combos that I would easily lean to whenever I can't decide what to wear. However, I wasn't really in the minimalism or less-is-more mood, so instead of going for plain B&W, I chose to introduce some patterns and feminine elements to the outfit- adding a lace collar and polka dot peplum. 

Lace-Collar, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired, White-Blazer, Polka-Dot

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Looks, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Look, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired, Polka-Dot

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired, Polka-Dot-Peplum

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Look, Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Polka-Dot-Peplum

Black-And-White, Bow-Tie, Menswear-Inspired, White-Blazer, Fashion-Blogger

2014-Oscars-Red-Carpet-Look, Black-And-White, Menswear-Inspired, Fashion-Blogger

Did you get a chance to watch this year's Oscars? Whose red carpet/ after party looks were your favourites? Cate Blanchett's glamourous nude dress was definitely one of the most important highlights of that night (I just love both her superb acting performance and her unbeatable style). 

你有看今年的奥斯卡吗?谁的红地毯或是之后派对的着装是你最欣赏的呢?凯特·布兰切特在我看来在当晚绝对是一抹不容忽视的亮点。 无论是她精湛且无与伦比的演技还是她美好且超凡脱俗的穿着风格都太令我无法抗拒了。

Photography: Stephen Foks

Lace Collar Blouse: LOFT 82 (old, similar here here | here)
Polka Dot Top: Zara (old, similar here | here)
Shoes: Aldo (old, similar here | here)
Blazer: H&M (old, identical here)
Bow: M For Mendocino (current)
Pants: H&M (old, similar here)
Bag: Vintage Find


  1. Your top is so pretty! And your bag is gorgeous.