Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fresh Start with A "Smile"

For the first time, I'm having difficulty in writing a blog post. I wrote the intro, and erased it, and then wrote something fresh, and then erased it again... I guess I'm having mixed feelings about 2014. I have to say there were many things in 2013 that I wish have never happened. I'm kind of sad to once again let another year go yet curious but nervous about what the new year will bring. I think a moment like this is meant for reflection, recharging and making a change.  

Trench-Coat-Bow-Tie, Black-Clutch, NYE-Outfit

Flower-Black-Ring, Red-Nail-Polish, Street-Style, Fashion-Blogger

If you've been reading my blog lately, you may have already realized my obsession to this comfortable and versatile pullover from Isabel Marant for H&M(last seen here).

With the "smile" writing on the shirt, I always feel having a more positive energy whenever I put it on. Do you ever feel the words written on your shirt or inscribed on your jewellery can affect your mood?


HM-Pulloover, Black-Bow-Tie, Trench-Coat, Long-Hair, Fashion-Blogger

Black-tights, silver-pump, NYE-look, Street-Style, Fashion-Blogger

Trench-Coat, Black-Bow-Tie, Street-Style, Fashion-Blogger

Trench-Coat, Winter-Fall-Outfit, Fashion-Blogger, Street-Style

Black-Flower-Ring, Clutch, Red-Feather-Skirt, Trench-Coat, Red-Nail-Polish
Trench-Coat, Red-Feather-Skirt, Grey-Pullover, Black-Clutch, Silver-Pumps

Casual-Chic-Look,Fashion-Blogger, Grey-Pullover, HM, Red-Feather-Skirt

Thank you so much for reading. We really appreciate your time. Wish you all just kicked off your New Year with a fresh and positive start. 


Photography: Stephen Foks

Pullover: Isabel Marant for H&M (similar here)
Feather Skirt: Zara (Old, similar hereherehere)
Trench Coat: Zara (Old, similar herehere, here)
Hair clip wear as a bow tie: Ardene:  (similar herehere)
Shoes: H&M (Old, similar on sale herehereherehere)
Clutch & ring: Local vintage store


  1. That's the great thing about the new year. It's a new & fresh start!
    I hope the new year brings you happiness & good luck!

    - Reham

    1. Yeah, totally agree. Wish you all the best in 2014 too!!



  2. You will hit your stride, Sasha. Just follow your instincts and things will fall into place. Have a fabulous, successful and unbelievable 2014!
    P.S: That skirt is the business!

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! Hope you will have a prosperous and wonderful year ahead!

      Thank you!