Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's Go Skating

Hi all,

How did your weekend go? Well, I went back on the ice!! YEAH! I’ve been putting off from going skating since the first snowfall last October, and finally, got a chance yesterday to put my skates back on again after two years. 


Burgundy-Baseball-Hat, Aritzia-Varsity-Jacket, Street-Style, Fashion-Blogger

Did you guys go to do any after-Christmas/Boxing Week shopping? To be honest, I find that January is actually the best time of the year to shop. First of all, most people’s wallets become thinner after the holiday season, so less people have the money or appetite to shop. Therefore, stores are trying very hard to present the best promotions and deals. Secondly, many brands will be introducing their Spring collections in just a month or so, so they really want to clear their previous-season products out of the way to get ready for their new collections.  I can’t even remember when was the last time I shopped on Boxing Day. The crowd, the wait, and the rush are not really attractive. Plus, since the stores expect to see a huge amount of customers to come in to shop during Boxing Week anyway, the deals they put up are in fact becoming less and less tempting. 30% off, buy one get one 50% off? Hmmm…Thanks. I will pass. 

The other day, I discovered this cute and edgy-feel varsity jacket from one of my favourite Canadian retail giants- Aritzia.

As we all love the store, we also know that their sales normally are kind of like a joke...However, I got this perfect jacket for only $59, which was originally $195. Scored!!
Did you recently get any golden deal that you are very proud of?

Burgundy-Hat, Checkered-Shirt, Varsity-Jacket, Faux-Leather-Skirt


Purple-nail-polish, moustache-ring, Starbucks-Coffee, Street-Style

Burgundy-Baseball-Cap, Checkered-shirt, Varsity-Jacket, Winter-outfit

Fashion-blogger, Winter-Look, Varsity-Jacket, Starbucks-Coffee

Winter-boots, ankle-shoes, black, comfy

Baseball-cap, Checkered-Shirt, Aritzia-Varsity-Jacket, Forever21-Skirt

Checkered-details, Gold-brocade-sleeves, forever21-Cute-ring, coffee

Aritzia-Varsity-Jacket, Forever21-faux-leather-skirt,skating, toronto-sports

Aritzia-Varsity-jacket, forever21-faux-leather-skirt,skating
Thank you so much for reading! Hope your winter is full of fun activities and adventures. :)

Photography: Stephen Foks 

Varsity Jacket: Aritiza (on sale right now)
Baseball cap: Aritzia (on sale here)
Shirt: Scotch & Soda (on sale right now similar herehere)
Skirt: Forever 21 (old, similar hereherehere)
Ring: Forever 21
Boots: Call It Spring (on sale right now)

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