Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Runway To Your Doorway- Peter Pilotto For Target

YES, another partnership between luxury brands and affordable retailers is once again happening, and this time, the story of collaboration is being written by Target and the British high-end label: Peter Pilotto
The successful stories of 3.1 Philip Lim for Target, Isabel Marant for H&M,  and many more have really showed how charming this idea is. Let's face it. How many people can afford a $5000 dress? How many people can wear a high-end draping garment to work? So how to translate the runway glamour to a everyday wardrobe piece has been the question many designers are asking themselves about and the challenge they are willing to take on . And if they do a good job, this transformation is for sure a win-win, (well, maybe an everybody-wins), situation for both the designer brands and the retailers. AND of course, the shoppers. 

是的,昂贵品牌和便宜零售商店合作的童话再次上演了。这一次,英国高档品牌Peter Pilotto会专门为美国塔吉特公司设计一系列特别限量版的衣服。近来,许多高档品牌与大众商家合作的案例越来越多,也使得许多人相信这种合作方式是一个明智的选择。老实说,有多少人买得起5000美金的裙子呢?有多少人能穿着超级高贵的碰碰裙去上班呢?所以吧,这些高端品牌的设计师逐渐面临着如何将T台上的光鲜靓丽转化成日常衣着的挑战。再说啦,这不仅对设计品牌,商家,还是顾客来说,都是有利的。
peter-Pilotto-Target, from-runway-to-your-doorway
To be honest, I was't very familiar with Peter Pilotto. So I had to do a little research. It's a high-end European brand based in London. Its famous for wild range of mixing and matching prints and patterns to create feminine and loyal looks. In this limited collection for Target, Peter Pilotto continues its unique classic take on elegance with a little more playful and fun elements to it. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of its swimwear, but are totally coveting some beautiful dresses and shirts. 

Peter-Pilotto-target, floral-dress, Spring-summer-collection, limited-edition peter-pilotto-target, black-and-white, limited-edition
Peter-Pilotto-Target, Floral-dress-shirt, yellow-black, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, Sweatshirt, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, moto-jacket, blazer, green-blue-black, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, black-and-white, swimwear, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, purple-black, swimwear, bag, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, jumpsuit, floral, short, Spring-Summer-2014

Peter-Pilotto-Target, tan-top, floral, blank-and-white-shorts, Spring-Summer-2014
Get ready, girls! The collection will be available on February 9th in both Target stores and online. You can also purchase them on Net-a-Porter. Come on, Valentine's Day is around the corner, I bet you can find the perfect piece just for that special occasion. And hey gents, hope now you all have some gift ideas for her?



  1. love the assymetrical skirts!

  2. I would totally wear that collection! Love the geometric shapes!