Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Hot Pot

Welcome to the third episode of {Get Ready For CNY14 With Sasha}. In the first and second chapter we talked about Beauty and Fashion, and today, I'd like to share a very special kind of Chinese food with you- Hot Pot!

We went to a very popular Asian supermarket in Toronto to purchase all the foods, sauces, and soup bases we needed for this meal. Want to know what hot pot is? What do you need to buy? And how to cook it? You can go ahead and watch the video we put together. Hope you will enjoy it! :)

亲们,再过几天就是春节了,想必大家都想好年夜饭要吃些什么了吧?会邀几个朋友来家里吃火锅吗?还是会出去大餐一顿呢?不管你的大年三十怎么过,都希望大家在那晚吃得开心!:)Chinese-New-Year, Hot-Pot, Chinese-Fondue, Food, Cuisine, meal

Usually during Chinese New Year, many Asian supermarkets would set up a special section just for Hot Pot. So you can most likely find everything and anything you need in that corner, including the special-made pot, meat, meat balls, seafood, vegetable, sauces and much more. I really hope this post will inspire you to give hot pot a try.

Good luck and have fun! :)

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