Monday, June 9, 2014

Target Fall Preview

With the weather gradually getting warmer, it actually comes to the time to preview all the fall collections. It surely is a tease, but it's always good to look ahead and plan in advance, both emotionally and financially. Do you agree?


Target-Fall-Preview-Accessories, Fashion-event

Target's Fall preview last week was set up perfectly as a cozy showroom. From unique and furry pillows to sexy and classic jeans, from statement accessories to colourful bedroom sets, from luxurious but affordable make-ups to timeless and beautiful flats, Target has everything fabulous to offer.

I bet Target this fall will be the second most addicting one-shop-for-all spot for me- follow after Winners. I will have to be very cautious though, otherwise I might end up spending double triple amount of the money when walking out of the store. LOL

Target-Fall-Preview-Accessories, Fashion-event, statement-necklace
Target-Fall-Preview-Accessories, Fashion-event, classic-jeans
Target-Fall-Preview-Accessories, Fashion-event, home-decor, colour-bedroom-sets
Target-Fall-Preview-Accessories, Fashion-event, ballet-flasts
Target-Fall-Preview, Fashion-event, lamps, home-decor
Target-Fall-Preview, white-and-delight-home-decor-collection, gold-black-and-white
Target-Fall-Preview, pillows, home-decor

Target-Preview, Sonia-Kashuk-fall-collection, make-ups

Target-Preview, Sonia-Kashuk-fall-collection, brushes

Thank you so much for reading! Did you spot anything you like? Well, I have my eyes on the White & Delight Home Decor Collection and Sonia Kashuk's make-ups. Notes taken.

感谢阅读。你有没有看到什么你喜欢的东西吗?我已经看上了White和Delight这个系列的市内装饰品,还有Sonia Kashuk家的化妆品。


  1. Some nice homewares there. I used to love Target clothes for kids (still do in an emergency!) The quality is pretty good and cute designs. But I don't shop RTW these days, preferring to make my girls clothes. ;-)

    1. Haha Debbie, I know! I love their White and Delight collection. So many amazing pieces with good quality. :)) But in terms of their cloths, I have to be honest that I'm not the biggest fan.