Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Asian Fashion Bloggers You Gotta Know

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Fashion bloggers are not only the bridge between brands and consumers, but also have become translators between different cultures as well. And today, I'd like to introduce 5 Asian Fashion Bloggers you have to know! 



 1.Ava Foo- Ava's Fashion Blog

This Shanghainese girl is surely a master in mixing and matching traditional chinese silhouettes with western designer pieces. She never shies away from bold colours and prints. "Go home or go bigger" seems like her fashion statement.


2.Cammille Co- It's Camille Co

Cammille is a 24-year old girl living in Manila, Philippines. From romantic to feminine and from sexy to edgy, she has tackled them all. Her blog is full of editorial-quality photos and creative fashion outfits.


Jina lives in the fashion capital of Asia- Seoul, Korea. When I just discovered her blog (not too long ago), I wasn't sure if I'd become a regular since everything is in korean. But fashion is a universal language, so her signature korean-style has kept me going back again, again, and again. 


4.Mayo Wo- Mellow Mayo
Just like its name, Mayo's blog is so "mellowy"- soft, tender and romantic. This is not only because of the photos' colour tone, but also due to her dainty and feminine fashion pairings. This Hong Kong girl is super good at flawlessly putting high-end and high-street pieces together. 


5. Yu Wei- Yuyu Fashion Book

This Chinese girl is currently living in her Paris dream as a fashion buyer. When I first discovered her Instagram, I was immediately impressed by the cool-girl and effortless chic vibe throughout all her looks. It doesn't take too long to like her and fall for her blog. And guess what? Her blog is in English, French and Chinese? What a talented girl!!


Thank you so much for reading this post. I bet there are many more fantastic asian bloggers, so if you know any, please comment down below.


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