Friday, December 13, 2013

My Virtual Closet (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I'm just saying a quick hello and hope you are fighting off the Winter Blues. If Santa Clause was real, I would beg him for a warmer and brighter winter this year!

Although I do highly appreciate many beautiful designer pieces, but sometimes either they are over my budget or not available in Canada, so I'd purchase them with my mind and put them in my virtual closet. During this holiday season, I will share some stunning items (at least I think so) with you in separated parts. If you have the budget, I'd say pull the trigger and go for it. But if you are just like me, well, we don't have to owe something to be able to appreciate it. Right? Okay, let's get started. As you may know, light pink will be a very big hit this Spring. So why not now let this warm and cozy colour lighten up your closet (or virtual closet)?



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