Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Can't believe the final countdown to 2014 is just few days away. We'd like to invite you to recap the moments of Sasha's Satisfashion together.

  To be honest, to me, 2013 has been a roller-coster year full of unpleasant surprises and frustration. However, with the "downs", you truly get to realize all the "Ups" you have had and give you the motivation towards picking yourself up again. So I am fully ready to embrace 2014 with open arms and positive attitude. :)

老实说,2013年对于我来说,算是挺糟糕的一年。许多不好的“惊喜”和令人义愤填膺的时刻都不断出现在这一年里。不过,我觉得吧,正是有这些不好的经历,才使得当我们有甜蜜片段的时候,会格外珍惜。我已经昂首挺胸,张开双臂,准备好迎接2014了。 :)


One of the most important highlights of 2013 was definitely the beginning of Sasha's Satisfashion. Both Mr.S and I have grown so much in and with this blog. From an-iphone picture taker to a professional DSLR photographer, Mr. S admits that this blog has really pushed him out of his comfort zone to learn something he wouldn't imagine himself to. For me, not only my personal style has changed dramatically, but even my Adobe programming skills have also improved quite a bit. 


                                    Left/ Middle Top/ Middle BottomRight

When going through the pictures we took since March, I was feeling slightly embraced. But then, the gradual improvement through each post has really gained my joy and confidence back. We thank you all from the bottom of our heart for being on this journey with us! I do know that there are still plenty of space for us to learn and to improve, and so we will keep on going forward.  It's so exciting to see where 2014 will take us. 

                                   Right/ Middle/ Left

                                       Right/ Middle Top/ Middle Bottom/ Right

                                       Left/ Middle/ Right

                                          Left/ Middle Top/ Middle Bottom/ Right

                                                  Left/ Middle Top/ Middle Bottom/ Right 

                                                Left/ Middle Top/ Middle Bottom/ Right

Hope you all will have a prosperous year in 2014!!

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