Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get The J.Crew Look For Less

Hi everyone,
Have you started holiday shopping for your friends, families, or even yourself yet? Well, winter can be depressing sometimes with chilly winds and dark skies. But did you know that a study has found out that wearing bright colours can actually lighten up your mood? So finding the perfect bright winter coat has been a mission to me since the summer. Talking about colours, J.Crew is definitely the master. Whenever you walk in a J.Crew store, the bright colours just naturally bring out joy and excitement in the atmosphere. However, I have to admit that their price is not so appealing to me, so I normally wouldn’t buy anything till they have a big sale going on. But well, who would resist a J.Crew look: the mixing and matching, the sophisticated feel, and the out-side-of-box pairing? So today, I’d like to show you how to get the J.Crew look for less.

嗨, 亲们,
你们有没有开始为亲朋好友,甚至自己选购节日礼物呢?的确,冬天有时候会给人一种很郁闷的感觉,寒风凌厉,乌云密布的。不过,你知道吗?一项研究报告发现穿着鲜艳的颜色其实可以让人心情变得愉悦起来。所以啊,从这个夏天开始,我就在寻觅那件属于自己的鲜艳大衣了。说起颜色的话,品牌J.Crew绝对是大师级的。无论你什么时候走进一家J. Crew店,都能被店内喜气洋洋的气氛所感染。不,不得不承,他西并不便宜,所以我从来都是等他打折的候才会。不又能拒J. Crew的那种搭衣感呢?那种具有意的混搭,有品味的感意型的上班族服都以抗拒啊。那今天,我就与大家分享一下如何更少的钱来穿出J.Crew吧。

Thank you so much for reading!

Photography: Stephen Foks

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