Monday, April 7, 2014

Office Tour

Hi all,

Today I'd like to take you on a tour in my little "office"- not too big but just enough for me to get creative. Mr.S and I live in a decent size one bedroom apartment. Although it's far from the LOFT space I've always been dreaming about- high celling, brick walls, industrial pipes and so forth, it is still a very cozy place to call home.

One thing about me is that I always like facing a big window while sitting down doing my work. Whether it is writing a blog post, reading a fashion magazine, or just having a cup of coffee, looking outside of the window and taking in some fresh air virtually has been my favourite thing to do in the morning.

今天呢,我决定带亲们到我所谓的办公室里坐坐。我这个办公的空间虽然不大但却足以让我有一个充分发挥想象力的平台。我和S先生住在一个一房一厅的公寓里。尽管这个公寓跟我向来梦寐以求的工厂试,高天花板,砖墙等特色的空间相差深远,不过只要用心布置,还是一个非常温馨的小窝。我是那种特别喜欢坐在一扇大窗户前观景或做事的女孩。无论是写博客,看时尚杂志,还是喝杯咖啡,坐在窗前感受新一天的开始是我每天早上最喜欢做的事儿。  挺小资的吧?哈哈

Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Table, Balloons, chalk-board, wood-furniture
Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Table, Balloons, Colourful-Pencil-Crayons

FIY. I don't really have helium balloons in my apartment all the time. But unexpectedly, these beautiful balloons have been lasting a long time since January when I worked on a project with Benefit Canada (here). I didn't want to throw them away because the uplifting holiday spirit they created is unspeakably pleasant. I believe flowers can do the same tricks. :))

Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, colourful-pencil-crayons, markers, art
Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Table, Balloons, chalk-board, wood-furniture
Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Metro-Newspaper-Stand
Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Balloons, painting, barbie

Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Table, Balloons, chalk-board, barbie

Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, gold-rings, colours, colors, crafty, art
Office-Space, Home-Tour-Decoration, Table, Balloons, Colour, Holiday

I hope this tour can inspire you in any positive way. A place doesn't have to be very spacious. As long as you are willing to put your heart and time into decorating and organizing it, it will turn into a cozy and beautiful space. I believe home is where the heart is. 


Hope you enjoy this post and have a great week!

Photography: By Me (Sasha)


  1. You have a lot of colour in your room there — I like it :D I'm a big fan of the close-up shots, but because you're shooting with SO MUCH light from the window, I feel the exposure could've been reduced a bit.

    However, I think you're well on your way to telling your story with your photos — keep looking for those interesting details, angles and lighting to tell the story the way you want it to be told :)

    1. Thank you Casey for such a supportive and sincere comment. I'll definitely practice more- I know there is no short cut!

      Again, thanks a lot :))



  2. Amazing photos Sasha! I love the styling you did, especially the close up shots! Il love the fact you're letting your readers (plus me) into your own home, this speaks a lot of personally and allows me to get to know you even more!

    Keep up the fab work.

    BTW - how is that Paris book? I wanted to buy it!!


    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thank you thank you! :)) The styling tips you shared in the Spark Session were truly amazing and inspirational!

      The Paris book is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I love it! It's like a virtual tour for me with magnificent writing and beautiful pictures. It's definitely recommended. :))

      You are going to Paris, right? Please put me in your suite case? haha
      Joking. But please do share your experience on the blog. I'd love to read about it!

      Have a great trip!