Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympics Spirit with Trainers

It's not a secrete that athletic footwear has been introduced front and centre onto both the runways and streets. The girl-meets-boy vibe and the I-don't-care-of-what-you-think look have been very popular since last year, and no surprise, this "trainers-transformation" is still going strong in 2014.

However, personally I always had mixd feelings towards this trend and especially couldn't accept the skirt 'n' sneaker combo. Until very recently, the more I look at this style the more I actually enjoy it and eager to give it a try. So, this is how the story goes. I put on my trainers with my skirt, AND, I loved it! In addition, with the kick-off of Sochi Winter Olympics, I figured the timing of rocking this sporty look is quite appropriate. 

Winter-Outfit, Baseball-Cap, Varsity-Jacket, Zara-Boxy-Bag, New-Balance-Sneakers
Go-Canada-Mittens, Zara-Burgundy-Boxy-Bag, Varsity-Jacket
Go-Canada-Mittens, Burgundy-Baseball-Cap, Red-Maple-Leaf, Winter-Olympic

Burgundy-Aritzia-Baseball-Cap, Varsity-Jacket, Zara-Boxy-Bag, Street-Style
Go-Canada-Mittens, HM-Varsity-Jacket, Joe-Fresh-Lipstick

Burgundy-Baseball-Cap, HM-Varsity-Jacket-with-Faux-Leather-Sleeve, Zara-Bag
Snowy-Day, Street-Style, Winter-Outfit, Sporty-Look, Fashion-Blogger

So what do you think of the sneaker 'n' skirt combo? Do you dare to try? Or you think it's a ridiculous trend that should be out? 

Photography: Stephen Foks

Baseball Cap: Aritzia (get it here, similar here | here)
Top: Scotch & Soda (get it here, similar here)
Jacket: H&M (current, similar here | here | here)
Skirt: Aritzia (old, similar here | here)
Bag: Zara 
Trainers: New Balance  


  1. Pretty look girl! ;)


  2. Awww Go CANADA!!<3

  3. I was also on the fence about this trend, but after trying it out (sneakers are just so comfortable), I'm now a huge fan. I think your lipstick is so sophisticated and coupled with the cute gloves and comber jacket, it just looks so fashion-forward.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. haha yeah, they ARE very comfortable. :) Thanks for stopping by girl!

  4. Good post my sweetie !
    Kisses <3

  5. Love those mittens. Too cute. Great post.