Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Yes, one of the most romantic days of the year is just around the corner. Are you excited? Ready? Well, sadly, sometimes I do feel that Valentin's Day has been over-commercialized and could actually be overwhelming and even depressing. Do I HAVE TO buy her something expensive to show that I love her? What should I get for my boyfriend in order to let him know that he is important to me? Well, how I look at it is that this is just ONE of the 365 days of the year to show your love to those who are important to you. It doesn't really matter what gift I get on that day particularly, but the love, respect, time and care that I have received during the rest of the year. There is a saying: Make everyday a Valentine's Day! :)

Also, when I was in China, I thought Valentines Day was about celebrating love just between couples. However, since I moved to Canada, I'v learnt that anybody could be your valentine. Your teacher, your sister, your mom, or your friend...


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