Monday, February 17, 2014

Skirt On Pants

Recently, I gave the Skirt 'N' Sneaker combo a try and ended up loving it (read the post here). Today, I'd like to bravely embrace another trend that I felt weird about: Skirt on Pants. 

Don't like the sound of it? Well, hold your thoughts for just a second. Trust me, at first I couldn't believe that this trend would take over the runways and the streets. However, the you-don't-know-till-you-try-it philosophy kept ringing like a wake-up call besides my ears, so I had no choice but putting my biasses away and testing it out. The result? I not only didn't sense any awkwardness at all, but truly loved how cute and warm this outfit turned out to be.

Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt, Bow-Tie, TopShop-Pumps
Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt

Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt, Bow-Tie, Lace-Top
Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt, Bow-Tie
Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt, Bow-Tie, Lace-Top
Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, TopShop-Pink-Pumps-bows
Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, American-Apparel-Pink-Belt, Black-on-black-Look
Black-Faux-Leather-Sleeve-Coat, Skirt-on-pants, Black-on-black, Street-Style

Would you give the skirt-on-pants trend a shot?

Photography: Stephen Foks

Coat: Seven Sisters via M For Mendocino (current, similar here | here | here)
Top: Haightand Ashbury (identical here, also love the dress version here)
Skirt: H&M (old, similar here | here)
Pants: H&M (old, similar here | here)
Shoes: TopShop: (get it here)
Bow Tie: Ardene (similar here
Belt: American Apparel (on sale right now)

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