Friday, July 4, 2014

Floppy Friday

Thanks to this blue floppy hat I picked up from Kind Exchange, my outfit got a lot of compliments while I was walking down Queen street yesterday. 

Floppy hat is always an essential piece for summer, and this year, it's going down the road for "the bigger the better". However, when talking about floppy hat though, we'd generally like to pair it with a maxi dress to create that casual chic beach-vibe. So today, let's try something different. How about upgrading a business casual look to an attention-grabbing one? Trust me, with this hat, you will be that IT girl at the after-work party and everybody would be wondering- "who is she?" But since I already have this statement piece, toning down the accessory is the best way to go. After all, I don't wanna to look like I'm trying too hard. Right? 

多亏了这顶蓝色的大檐帽,我昨天在皇后街上逛的时候得到了很多称赞呢。大檐帽吧,向来都是夏天的宠爱,而今年不同的是:流行趋势是帽子的边缘倾向于越大越好。不过说起大檐帽,我们一般会想要搭配一条长裙来打造一套比较休闲的海滩风。那今天让我们来点新的尝试吧。不如我们把一套比较休闲的商务装深造为一个引人注意的淑女装?相信我,有了这顶帽子,你绝对会成为公司派对里目光的焦点。一定会有很多人在琢磨:“那个女孩是谁啊?” 当然,帽子已经看起来这么大手笔了,那我们在配饰上就应该走清淡路线。低调,低调!

blue-floppy-hat, gap-checkered-shirt, urban-outfitters-black-skater-skirt-with-bow

I'd also like to talk about Kind Exchange. They are a local store which you can sell/donate the items you are no longer in love with or buy/trade those second-hand pieces in store. 

When I first discovered them, I wasn't sure about the concept. I didn't mind second-hand designer consignment pieces, but regular brands? Used? I wasn't too impressed. But the more I visited their store, the more I was actually getting to like it. I grabbed this hat for only $10 and it's in a perfect condition. If you are not sure about used pieces, I recommend you to try accessories first and see how you like it.

我还想介绍一下我买这顶帽子的店铺-Kind Exchange。这个当地的连锁商店可以让MM们把自己已经不再喜欢的衣物卖了或者捐了,同时呢,也可以买或者换二手的商品。我一开始吧,对这个“二手商店”的新概念一点都不怎么上心。如果是名牌的二手,我可以理解,但是这些都只是一般的牌子哦,还是旧的哦?我不太能接收。但不经意好几次逛到了他们家,就越来越喜欢了。我的这顶帽子才不过10加币而已。你要是对二手不感冒,可以从配饰开始试试看。

blue-floppy-hat, gap-checkered-shirt, urban-outfitters-black-skater-skirt-with-bow

blue-floppy-hat, gap-checkered-shirt, urban-outfitters-black-skater-skirt-with-bow

chic-wish-blue-and-black-color-block-tote-bag, zara-pumps

blue-floppy-hat, BCBGernation-sun-glasses, pink-lipstick

So what are your thoughts on second-hand stores? Can't accept it or you think it's a great concept?

Photography: Stephen Foks

Hat: Kind Exchange: (current, similar here)
Shirt: Gap (recent, similar here, last seen here)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old, similar here | here)
Shoes: Zara (old, similar here)
Bag: ChicWish (get it here)
Sunnies: BCBGeneration

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