Friday, July 19, 2013

Candy Colours

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful week. Any plans for the weekend?

After a long consideration and discussion, Mr. S and I have finally decided to move back to Toronto, a place where we have many undeniable connections with. This year in Alberta (first Edmonton, then Calgary) has definitely been a roller coster journey. But all in all, we have experienced a lot and met many unforgettable and amazing people. 

Most importantly, our connection with Calgary has been growing closer through this blog. By accidentally discovering or purposely looking for a photo shoot spot, we have found many beautiful corners in the city, lots of good local restaurants and coffee shops, and sometimes discovered the sketchy parts of the town...

Bright colours can not only stand out easily, but there is a study also shows that wearing bright colours can make people happier. I am not sure if it's true or not, but this theory seems work for me. I would even wear a neon pink dress or a bright red coat in the Winter while most people choose to rock in dark colours. To me, bright colours can truly help me to combat with winter blue. :)

These two weeks have been quite stressful to us as we have to deal with thousand things at the same time and mingle with so many "if"s. What if this happens...what if this plan doesn't work...what if we do this instead of that...Sigh! :(

BUT, I do believe everything will work out eventually. So I put on some very bright colours today, making a statement and starting a war with my bad mood. Negativity, frustration, stress...please go away....

Thank you so much for reading! Hope all of you will have a wonderful weekend. :) 
If this week didn't go too well and you are having some bad times, maybe you can try putting on some bright colours? Let me know if it helps. :)

Photographer: Stephen Foks

Top: J.Crew (On sale in store. Similar herehere and here
Skirt: Zara (On Sal in store. Love this colour too)
Clutch: H&M
Necklace: Anthropologie
Bracelets: J.Crew
Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Sunglasses: BCBGeneration  


  1. awwww, Sasha.... I know you're gonna get through all those frustrations easily because you're such a positive person :) I'm glad you're coming back to Toronto soon! (as if I'm in Ontario) haha. I hope to see you soon! :)

    1. Little Thessa,

      Thank you so much! YES, hope can see you soon! :) We really need to catch up. :)

  2. btw, I love your shoes!!! and you skirt... and everything about this outfit. I agree that wearing bright colours can make one instantly happy ;)